Providing a digital transformation platform, digitization for businesses
Optimize work performance
Reduce operating costs
Make decisions faster and more accurately
Business context
Such as Gartner, IDC... all show that digital transformation brings many benefits to all aspects of business activities, from Executive - Management to Operations - Business stages.
Change operating method & management
Changing corporate culture thinking
Accelerate Accelerate business operations
Provide new value to customers
Is your business experiencing these problems?
  • Problems in management
  • Inefficient workflow
  • Boost sales
  • Manage and analyze potential customer information
  • Reduce operating costs incurred
What can we do for your business?
With an experienced professionals team for Analyzing and Consulting Information Technology solutions. We develop a 4-step strategy always to be ready to solve existing problems and affect the Management - Operation - Business process.
  1. Step 1

    Context Research & Data Analytics

  2. Step 2

    Understanding & Identifying Problems

  3. Step 3

    Operational Consulting & Solution Supply

  4. Step 4

    Test, measure data and improve.

Solution of GTSVN
We provide an ecosystem of Technology Products that help digitally transform and digitize , Management - Operation - Business activities of businesses, bringing better results.
[V-Pro] Ứng dụng Quản lý công việc thông minh
To do list
Task Management
Lable Management
To do list
Task Management
Lable Management
Ứng dụng quản lý công việc thông minh V-Pro giải quyết vấn đề quản lý công việc cá nhân hàng ngày bằng cách tạo danh sách công việc dễ dàng và nhanh chóng nhất.
Learning Management System
White Label & Customization
Course Builder
Assessment & Quizzes
Survey & Feedback
Corporate Compliance
Learning Management System (LMS), developed by GTSVN, is an online management platform for teaching and learning. The software system operates based on the cloud computing model.
Task Management
Support Ticket
System Config
Common Features
System Config
Task Management
Support Ticket
Common Features
V-ONE is a diverse ecosystem of products integrated with the most modern digital technologies, helping to change from a traditional business model to a digital one.
Benefits of using GTSVN's products
GTSVN's management and operation platform helps businesses solve many problems and get more benefits in the journey of Digital Transformation - Digitizing businesses
Increase the speed of bringing products to market
Digitizing operations helps businesses save production time and speed products to market.
Strengthening competitive position in the market
Technology strengths help businesses improve and gain competitive advantages in the market.
Drive business & revenue growth
Data aggregation and analysis systems help businesses change business strategies and adapt.
Increase employee productivity
Provide support tools for managers and employees of enterprises to improve labor productivity
Expand your ability to attract and retain customers
The system of data aggregation and analysis helps businesses change their strategies to reach customers better
Easily switch to catch up with the trend
Easily upgrade and update features when businesses need to expand more business areas.
All products are optimized for user experience, and new features are constantly updated.
The digital transformation products developed by GTS Vietnam are based on thorough research and data analysis from businesses. Since then, we have built solutions with various features and optimized user experience.
Flexible and comprehensive integration capabilities
Ability to flexibly integrate with existing systems that businesses are using
Technical solutions of GTS Vietnam ensure flexible customization, and services are easily compatible when connecting to existing systems of enterprises—giving businesses the option to use our service packages without changing the current system.
Operational infrastructure is compatible with the business model of the enterprise.
With a depth of technology background, we build an innovative digital transformation solution that is ready to meet all business requirements and suitable for many business models of any business.
Our services
Operational consulting and digital transformation solutions
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Services software development
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Consulting and designing user experience
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Strategic cooperation products
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